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Our Values

A company whose highest goals are always set by never settling, but by moving toward the next objective, innovative and intelligent platform. Our driving force is to serve, to love and to partner with our communities and consumers; to respect ethic, science and environment. We dream fast. Staring at the highest benchmark with the highest standards of excellence adds joy and delight to all we do and share. We give all our experiences and knowledge to all who desire to be passionate of our origins, culture, and spirit. This enables a new set of values that will make journey and driving, comfort and confidence, available in all you touch and all you experience from our craft, hearts and minds.

Plutonis Group, born of finance, challenge, and  technology. Plutonis, raised and nurtured on an international platform of many continents. Never shown but always experienced; never behind but always leading the forefront to the future of Finance ingenuity. Where science, technology, math and skill are shaped toward an undeniable reliability and superb performance. A financial system that provides a profitable and high return to our clients and shareholders.
Plutonis Group, Memento Audere Semper.

Latest News

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Hedge Fund A.I. Based

The Plutonis Hedge Fund (PHF) is the core business and is driven by our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology that represent the state of the art in trading business.
A.I. is managing more that 50+ trading algorithms that are studied for trading specific assets like commodities, crypto-currencies, tokens, indexes, options and much more.

Broker & Digital Asset Exchange

Plutonis Group trading platform is based on the combination of an online broker able to trade any type of assets and a Digital Assets Exchange able to trade crypto currencies and tokens.
This combination merged with A.I. that manage algorithms systems is able to project Plutonis Group a step forward to classical financial industry opening the way to new investment methodology and performances.

Plutonis Group DNA

Plutonis Group is a global trading collective committed to providing sophisticated clients with superior asset management solutions. Our proprietary business is investment management.
Plutonis Group provides a comprehensive suite of investment and wealth management products and solutions to a wide range of clients and institutions.

We are focused on developing innovative investment solutions for both retail and institutional investors and maintaining a client-facing Quantitative Wealth businesses including private client, online brokerage, Digital currency exchange and institutional client services.