Corporate Identity

The Identity

The Plutonis Group’s corporate identity is not just about the correct use of our logo. It is a mix of elements that creates a distinctive look and voice – an instantly recognisable expression of the company and what it stands for.

Every piece of communication adds to our brand in some way, so using these elements in a consistent way builds and enhances the Plutonis Group’s reputation.
A feel of professionalism and gravitas, and our shared values as an innovative, trading-centred business, are reflected in all our materials.

Permission to use the Plutonis Group’s logo must be obtained, from the Director of Communications, Development & Marketing before use. Failure to do so will be in breach of copyright law.
Materials produced within a marketing/communications context, whether internally or by external agencies, must be signed off by the Director of Communications Development & Marketing AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of production. Please contact the Marketing department for advice and guidance at planning stage.

Official Colors

The corporate colour palette includes a dark blue and black theme with supporting tones.
Colour matching standard Pantone® references are included to ensure accuracy when reproducing the palette.


Our corporate typeface is Baskerville Regular. This full font family comes in a range of weights to suit a multitude of purposes. It was optimised for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

Logo Guidelines Book

To give you a complete overview of our logo guidelines we strongly suggest you to download our PDF that describe everything about our logo, usage, what is allow and disallow, color codes and much more.
Click the button below to download the Plutonis Group Logo Guidelines.