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Hedge Fund Revolution

The Transformative Trading Technology

Our trading beliefs are based on our collective market experience, which gives us a very incomplete picture
of the trading infrastructure world, and it’s easy to jump to false conclusions.
Our A.I. represents bias-free trading, as preconceived notions of the market are symbolic of human cognition, trading traits hardwired into the brain, creating biases over and beyond those that are based factually.
With more than 60+ algorithms the A.I. is changing the way we trade, one quantitative trade at a time.

Plutonis  A.I.

Central Bank activities have distorted market prices and price discovery up to a point where it is hard to find Economic Ratio in many areas of financial markets. We developed our A.I. to optimally trade through this period of extreme manipulation while setting up for the inevitable move back to economic fundamentals.
Trading via deep learning machine is the systematic execution of trading orders decided by quantitative market models. Some estimates have quantitative or algorithmic trading now accounting for over 75% of the trading volume in the United States alone. This inspired Plutonis Group to create our Artificial Intelligence.
Built upon comprehensive and accurate prediction models incorporating a strategy that has the capacity to absorb multiple billions of dollars without negatively impacting its returns. Deep Learning Machine’s core strategy is based on sound econometric or rational basis and time parameters, not random discovery of patterns and crucially few parameters that need to be fitted to past data.

Breaking down the trading strategy

History will tell if current central bank policies will have proved beneficial to the world’s economies. What we do know already is that they have brought about significant revaluations across all major assets classes and with that it has proved beneficial to the owners of such assets and borrowers. One obvious side effect of this policy is that market price discovery is significantly distorted and thus capital is no longer allocated through the economically most efficient process. 

Positive Trade Performance

In a world where it makes an economic difference whether rates are positive or negative this is what one has to expect. The return distributions of daily fluctuations have to take this asymmetry into account.
This is not to say that rates cannot go negative on 10-years. Switzerland, though being a special case – shows that of course they can. Still the manner within which they do needs to reflect the zero-mark as a factor, which today you cannot observe in daily fluctuation. 

Average Risk / Drawdown

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Deep Learning and algorithm trading?2019-03-24T17:06:54+00:00

Execution is the key difference. In algorithmic trading the orders are executed automatically by computers.
Deep Learning Machine is far more sophisticated than trading that uses mathematics to decide what positions to put on and when to get in and out of them, it’s a pathway to the trade of the century.

Can Plutonis A.I. make money in falling market ?2019-03-24T17:11:22+00:00

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)  applies multiple macro trading strategies designed and adjusted for falling prices that allow her to profit during a falling market (bear market).
This is done through the use of short selling or inverse asset allocation techniques.

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